Heather Nissen,  Owner & Stylist

Heather Nissen, Owner & Stylist


I'm Heather, and creating hair design has been my lifetime passion.  I feel grateful to be able to say that. 

Long ago I heard these words of wisdom:  If you find a job that you love, you'll never work a day in your life. 
Those words struck a chord deep in my bones because I knew in the beauty industry, I had found that passion. My work IS my joy, and has been so for well over twenty years.  Creating looks that flatter every angle, shade and curve of all the varieties of human form is the essential nature of the art of doing hair. I love learning new aspects of my craft.

My work is my joy, for reasons that were clear from the start, and reasons I couldn't have realized when I became a hair stylist and opened my salon over 25 years ago – it's about the people. I've developed rich relationships with my clients that continue to blur the lines between client and family and that's the true gift!  Being able to create fabulous looks for people that I truly care about and love.  Much more rewarding and enriching for everyone involved, and that's why people keep coming back and sitting in my chair year after year. 

Mine is a simple philosophy. I am still in practice with it and will no doubt be a student of this philosophy for the rest of my life. It's important I do, because it keeps my compass pointed in the right direction:
Life is abundant.

Living with that simple truth as my context, it becomes more and more my experience. Like a magnet, I attract it. Even when life serves up the harsh challenges that bring about the blessing of insight.  Learning to find the silver lining isn't always easy, but it's always there. Always.

I love creating a look for a new client that will leave them loving their hair, not only when they get up from my chair, but out in their lives. We all know how our good hair days make us feel. Love your hair, love your life! Welcome to Shear Success.

Make an appointment with Heather, call or text: (949) 463-3103